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Emergency Dentistry FAQs

Dental emergencies can be scary, which is why we want you to be prepared in case they do happen. So, for your convenience, we’ve gathered this list of frequently asked questions about dental emergencies to help you out.

How Soon Should I Visit My Emergency Dentist in Carmel Valley?

The sooner you can get to us and receive treatment, the better. This is especially true if you’ve recently knocked out a tooth. In that case, you have only an hour or so to reach our office and have a chance of successful reimplantation. In some other situations, such as a lost crown or filling, the situation isn’t quite as urgent. You can simply practice the self-care mentioned above for a couple days if need be before visiting us. Still, you should call and schedule an appointment as soon as it’s convenient.

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What If I Have Dental Anxiety?

We completely understand being nervous to treat your dental problem, even if it is urgent. Rest assured that emergency dental treatments, like root canals and tooth extractions, are often quite comfortable and can in fact relieve your pain. However, if you suffer from a dental phobia, keep in mind that Dr. Alhamdi, your trusted dentist in Carmel Valley, offers sedation to help soothe your dental anxieties.

What If an Object Gets Stuck in My Teeth?

First things first, try and use dental floss to dislodge the object. If that doesn’t work, do NOT use anything sharp, like a toothpick or the tip of a knife, to try and remove it. You could end up causing damage to the soft tissues in your mouth. Instead, call us. We have the special tools and training necessary to remove objects that have been caught in the teeth.

What If My Child Knocked Out a Baby Tooth?

Since primary, or baby, teeth fall out anyway, it may be tempting to not consider this a dental emergency. However, if a primary tooth gets knocked out before it’s ready, Dr. Alhamdi needs to evaluate the situation. Your child may need to wear space retainers for a while until the underlying adult tooth is ready to erupt.

My Teeth Are Suddenly Sensitive. Is This a Dental Emergency?

Tooth sensitivity might not seem like a big deal, but it can be indicative of larger issues, like gum recession. If you have one tooth that is significantly more sensitive than the rest, it may be a sign that that tooth is infected and needs root canal treatment to remove the infected nerve within the tooth. Try using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. If your discomfort doesn’t subside with that, then visit us. Dr. Alhamdi should be able to pinpoint the cause of your sensitivity.